How did metal-music begin?

I was reading a book penned by the pet-dog of the Dennis Stratton, former member of the heavy-metal band, Iron MadeIn.

The book, “Life in noise”, elicits emotions of pity for the poor dog. Dogs are creatures with sensitive ears… and the explosive sounds that damaged the hearing-power of Pittu, the dog… arouse nothing but wonder at the joy whacked people get by smashing metallic objects.

Pittu  goes into a deep philosophical trance as observed in his ‘Life in noise’. He sends facebook messages and tweets to God, asking Him the origination of this pathetic form of noise-making… God tweeted – isn’t much of an avid facebooker – back saying…..
” Dear Pittu, I had once gone deep into Satan’s caves… only to find that the cave-dwellers were entirely deaf! However, they were music enthusiasts back in their days on Earth… and with that inherent fighting spirit, they did not quit on music just because they couldn’t hear… and therefore they devised – what mortals call – Heavy Metal sounds… Where they clanked unbreakable objects as hard as they could and thus could hear faint rhythmic sounds… This was beatific salvation for these dwellers deprived of the power of hearing. However, one day… two of the masters of these cave-men, fell into black holes which led them to Britain and North America respectively (as far as my memory remains, it was the 1960 era then). And these men of Satan – not realising their cosmic positions… continued with their art of metal-clanking. Consequently this form became popular with the stoned people of those regions. These satanic beings were lucky to land in the misery-stricken areas of the West, where drug addicts had sex in the open.. where the Hippie culture had conquered Teens. If those cave-men had landed somewhere in the Indian subcontinent… they would have perhaps been crucified by the ascetics and maulanas!
So my dear Pittu, was the origination of Heavy-metal music on Earth. Take Care, I(God) Bless and keep in touch.. Twitter rocks! \m/”

Pittu – as he writes in his memoir – was gripped by the intense desire to eradicate this form of noise pollution… However, without the power of intellect (wonder how he wrote his autobiography then! hmmm) his mission didn’t progressl… 

But he does describe the positives of this painful form of art… He writes – and rightly so – that it led to the growth of the American and British economies. The doctors made a lot of money from metal-head patients who frequented them complaining about head-aches, stomach upsets, eyesight problems, deafness, poor-memory and so on… So did the makers of Aspirin.. they sold aspirin at the rate of a million tablets a day .. And the taxes raised by these activities went into the very Trillion Dollars… making superpowers out of them! And did many professionists such as Psychologists, Graffiti artists, Junk-yard owners enjoy much of this economic boom… the success amongst such un-tried careers urged people to opt for diverse professions which brought about inevitable economic success!

Pittu prophesied that the third-world countries during his years – the 1970s – would adopt this blue-print in the 21st century to attain the superpowerial levels of the WestWorld… Which is why WallStreet analysts observe a rise in the followers of such music in places like India…

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