Ram aur Laxman…

The Indian history has been forever demonstrating specimens of brotherly love… Right from the unity in the Pandava brothers, to the love between Ram and Laxman, and  to the so on and so forths. 

However, we see things at the the other end of the spectrum today. Where two brothers, Senior and Junior, undisputed czars of the corporate arena, indulge in scarring each others reputation. For what? For oil! They’re desperately trying to dilapidate each other – either silently or brashly. Not realizing that the outcome will result in nothing but mutual weakening. And that it will lead to paths for others to take over their untouched B-Crowns.

Anyway, who the hell is/are gaining; The lawyers, politicians, the et ceteras of our system who’re pocketed by these warring brothers and the stock traders who’re making money out of the predictable volatility in these stocks, and the so ons? 
But, what difference does this war make to India? Clearly – as opposed to what Junior suggests – none.

And is it the money that Junior is fighting for? With a wealth way more than what will be earned at this oil-field in over 17 years…. what has Junior got to cry so much about? Or is it the inflated ego that moguls generally roam around with? At then end of the day, why our we giving so much importance to sensationalism created by this Senior-Junior duo? Why the hell should we waste our time over whose ego prevails?

So today’s contemporary Ram aur Laxman are a class apart from their ancient namesakes.  Instead of Laxman carving a deity of Ram and worshiping it with all his heart and soul, we have an inflamed Laxman who is doing all in his might to strip Ram apart… The subdued Ram is patiently waiting for Laxman to run out of steam, while Laxman strives to weather that patience… 

What my point is that we all get something to learn from this saga of brothers eagerly wanting to rape each other’s reputation. Never let outsiders’ into one’s own personal family matters. No matter how intense things get. The public is devoid of hearty things to talk about, and getting into family issues of another – especially another this rich – gives them just about some intriguing gossip to pass their time…
I’m sure families of the likes of the Birlas and the Tatas have indulged in infighting over personal-business conflicts… but they kept it to INfighting… which is why they’ve held the  mantle of respect-worthy families for generations…

So what should have been an ideal Ram-Laxman jodi, has turned out to be the bitterer Kaurav-Pandav war.. here the only difference being that instead of a marathon spat between two cousins, real brothers blood-bathe in the same…

2 thoughts on “Ram aur Laxman…”

  1. Excellent! I think this is a prime example of how excessive greed and pride can remove love that should be so naturally present between two family members.
    “God gives enough for a man's need but not for his greed”


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