Getting Candid with Abhishek Borkar!

I had the splendid opportunity to interview a musical prodigy, the 17-year old master-Sarodist (an Indian classical music instrument, more of an Indian guitar) Abhishek Borkar. He’s been a devout musician since age 7, and did his first concert at age 10!

So, here I was, taking an interview as casually as I could i.e. while playing cricket! :)

Me:Whats your take on Himesh Reshammiya?
AB: [diplomatically] He is doing something in the field of music. So thats about it.
Me:Any musician you’d like to kill?
AB: Huh!! Never! I’d rather suicide.
What if your lady-love is a non-musician? Will your parents’ accept her?
Sure! Why not! In fact, that is what I want since a musician-partner would create competition and add tension to the marriage [Thats good m’lad, thinking about marriage already! :D]
Any other passions in life, other than the Sarod and music?
[with conviction] No, the Sarod is my life!
What is your take on Paki-bands?
They’re definitely better than the Indian ones. However, I despise the competition-factor thats been created between the two by the media. They both are good in their respectful ways, however, this unnecessary hype doesn’t help the cause of music.
What role do you see yourself playing as a musician in the future?
I’ve dedicated myself to the cause of music. I’ll be a musician come-what-may my entire life. Maybe as an entertainer, as an awareness-creator or so on. But my life’s purpose will be lost, if im separated from music
Deviating from the topic, your take on specimens such as Raj Thackeray?
I’m into politics.. Well.. uhm.. Yea.. Umm.. [dude, get to the point!] I’m not into politics!
And to end it, your take on the interviewer? :D
Your first interview right? Haha, dude, not bad! [Oh well, Thanks :P]

One thought on “Getting Candid with Abhishek Borkar!”

  1. Good interview. Frankly speaking, It has alot more potential and many more questions could be asked to him……and i'm sure he'd love to answer them. Anyways, do that for the rest


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