Getting candid with Nikhil Nigade

Had a grand-time interviewing a very good friend, a young-entrepreneur and an idea-machine, Nikhil Nigade.
He is a cook, a photographer, an artist and a web designer who pursues genetic engineering as a hobby. Certainly, a strange combo :O

So we got down to our tete-a-tete where I threw at him both personal and professional questions, which I might unflatteringly add, were smartly answered.

How do you feel about being a young and raring-to-explore-new-ideas entrepreneur.
It might sound fun and exciting, but trust me, its not all that great when you’re approaching dead-lines with loads of work at hand. But yes, I can’t deny that its a great feeling.

Do you feel proud, in the right sense of course?
We all have egos, i’m no exception, so yes.
Where do you want see yourself 20 years down the lane?
{Pat comes the reply} As the person behind the making of Pune as the Global designing capital.

Ok. Art is pretty much a saturated industry with scores of extremely talented people lying around. Why choose this as a career?
See. Motion designing isn’t a popular concept in India. And all our motion-designed films are contracted through American/Hollywood firms. I wish to bring motion-designing in India which hasn’t been significantly tapped here.

Now, why focus on establishing a business when you should be giving attention to your 12th board exams and education?
What I’m gaining doing the former is, that I’m experiencing the practical reality of the world. This, according to me, is the best form of education. Experience is priceless compared to theory. However, if need be, I’ll put in another year to do well in my 12th exams, which are pretty much crucial too.

Your take on nerds, who put in 16-17 hours of their time to crack into the IITs?
Man, don’t kill me! [Come on, give them an adjective!] {laughs} Dude, they’re highly PATIENT! [Thats the most respected comment possible! I fall down laughing since I was sure he was thinking of an abuse :P]

What about politics? And my favorite question to all Maharashtrians, your take on Raj Sahib of the MNS!
Politics. Nah, not my cup of tea. And Raj; his theory is right but his implementation is wrong.
You’re take on the interview and interviewer?
Interesting interview. And you’ll remain my good friend. [I laugh, but don’t understand shit about that response! haha]

The second interview in my interview-series. Brace up guys, I could be knocking on your door any moment with my questionnaire in hand!

4 thoughts on “Getting candid with Nikhil Nigade”

  1. 'Where do you want see yourself 20 years down the lane?
    {Pat comes the reply} As the person behind the making of Pune as the Global designing capital.”

    Oh my God. Thats so wonderful :) Keep up the good work :)

  2. Lolz…dude…me unhappy! Cuz i'm 1 of da iit guyz… x-(
    Kidding…but yet. Show respect…we doing stuff u guyz cud never! :-P Oh, and i really wanna be a contributor on dis 1 maan. Invite me?


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