India & Pakistan….. peace?

Two brothers; India and Pakistan were not separated because Muslims hated Hindus or vice versa, or Muslims really needed and wanted land for themselves. It is a well known fact that there are more Muslims in India (content with their lifestyles) than are in Pakistan. Well, what happened, happened. Its History now…   

On a completely different track, since the 26/11 siege on Mumbai, the already sour Indo-Pak relationship has turned sourer. India is sending dossier after dossier, of concrete proof, so that Pakistan does justice to the perpetrators of the 2-day terroristic drama in Mumbai (who were, as we know, some citizens of Pakistan). To no avail. This is frustrating our Ministry, and of course, us.
However, the Indian Ministry is patiently waiting for its counter-part in Pakistan to show action…. in hope for a peaceful South-East Asia. 

But is it worth the wait? Or are we heading into an infinitesimal abyss of rhetorics? The current democratic government in Pakistan, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), is nothing but a dummy ruling body. Not that I have any authenticity or credibility to comment, but as an observer observing facts, I see a deteriorating neighbor. And for me and my country’s sake, it is not good -who likes war? 

We have seen the Taliban take over Swat Valley. We read of bomb attacks happening everywhere. We know Pakistan is home to all, Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba, and the Taliban (among millions of such other fancy militant outfits). We know that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is involved in border laws violations and infiltration. Yet…. we patiently wait. Salute to our patience! While the United States of America has free access to drone suspicious parts of the country with missiles (of course, it has maintained Pakistan’s integrity by not invading it yet). 

So, as we all know, at the end of it all -is there any hope to see action? any hope -not only to bring the perpetrators of 26/11 to justice but also -to control the exponential increase in the sprouting of militant-camps? While the common people of Pakistan are just as peace-loving as the ones in India, it is a certain group of these radical guys, who’re stoned in their heads … for life! They seem to be on a mission to make India, the Western World, and basically all infidels, fall. 

Coming back to the puppet, the PPP government; it is an unstable body, which visibly has no real powers over the land. It’s just the leader on paper. Expecting a powerless body to do such powerful things (bring about effective positive change in militant and radicalism) is just a simple, wrong equation. Which is why, I appreciated India maintaining a positive diplomatic relationship with the Pervez-Musharraf-Army-Rule monarchy. At least, the dealings and relationship maintained had some credibility to it! 

I salute the Jang and Times Groups’, from Pakistan and India respectively, for their “Aman-ki-aasha” peace project. But to me, it would seem to have only positive effects on the goodwill for these two groups (marketing strategy?). With the way things are shaping in the Pakistan, ‘hum sirf aasha ki umeed leke baithe rahenge….’

3 thoughts on “India & Pakistan….. peace?”

  1. Its a pity on how much we are spending ( literally in millions) over this issue,without any results.

    The Times project of “Aman-ki-aasha” is actually a marketing strategy. One article, which actually makes no sense, published daily will definitely increase their subscribers…

    People have learnt to turn Peace into rich markets. Kudos to them.

  2. hmm… I wonder WHY this is happenening. Don't people have any moral issues anymore? (with reference to the asses in the Times group) Come on…!! Even though they write such big great articles which sound soo damn inspiring and motivating- in the end we ALL know it's just a goddamned marketing strategy!!! :O


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