10 years ago, as an 8 year old child I was fascinated by these tall American skyscrapers. They always looked as if they were pals with that seamless sky.

My father had told me this when I was 7, “Oh, America is the best country in the world.” I don’t remember anything else from that age other than those words of his. The impact was severe. And I’m sure he must, if he remembers, regret telling me this as I am here in this country today against his favor. :)
Things have changed; back in the mid to late 1990s, America’s yearly deficits were well controlled (at a point, at as low as $0). Today, they swell over a trillion dollars, adding to the massive overall debt pile of ~$14 trillion. The might of America has reduced. Countries no longer get bullied by its gun-diplomacy tactics. The American youth is, in majority, unmotivated to be as successful as the previous generations’. . The Brazilians, Russians, Indians and Chinese (among a horde of other developing countries) all want a share in the pie. America is no more #1 in everything.
But, I await to experience my childhood fantasy. Of being in these cities, and straining my neck to see the top of tall buildings and still not being able to fit the entire picture in one frame.
….you may be wondering, where am I heading to?
-Not anywhere much, intellectually. 

Be it on Google images, Michael Jordan’s basketball team, or car-racing on the shitty video graphics of Midtown Madness. I have always been awed by the metropolis of Chicago.
Today, I booked my tickets to land in, what I had fascinatingly come across, in grade 5, as the world’s busiest airport, Chicago’s O’hare airport.
I know not what awaits me; most probably, deathly freezing winds. But I feel those butterflies in my stomach as I wait for the 21st of this month, to see my childhood fantasy come alive.

2 thoughts on “Chicago”

  1. Its nice to for a person to see his small tiny dreams/fantasies come true. Makes you feel so childlike. Wish u a nice journey Anand and do post some snaps of those tall buildings….i'm sure u'll find a way to squeeze them into one frame…….

    Hare Krishna
    bhanu di

    p.s they found a way to fit the eiffel tower into one frame so……


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