Putting the Europe Refugee Crises in Perspective — for those in North America, India, and, yes, Europe

Its been two years since I graduated from college and stepped into proper adult life in Washington, D.C. Admittedly, some of the times it has seemed that the world has gotten the better of me. I can only imagine that some of you reading also go through similar downs, confusions, and frustrations — could be related to anything, monetary problems, bad relationships, bad job, bad manager, poor grades, lack of satisfaction, meaning or purpose in life-related issues, etc.

But please take a moment to think about the hundreds of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers from Syria and Northern Africa, in whose lives’ comparison, our problems are minuscule. Scores of these people are being told day in and day out by European governments that they cannot enter their world of abundance, for the fear that these migrants may degrade it (which is both wrong and untrue). Helpless ordinary people are taking on hellishly risky journeys — hundreds of people fitting into small boats, for instance, that are getting capsized in the Mediterranean, starving for days in the middle of the sea in cramped and horrid boats, living in slums in foreign countries without any human or political rights, getting killed in war-zone crossfires, etc. The irony and tragedy is that they are going through all this hell only to escape the hell in their own homes today — in war-torn Syria, Libya, Iraq, Eritrea, etc.

A young Syrian boy is washed off ashore in Turkey — one of the most powerful and moving images from the crises so far. The conditions are much worse than even this picture can suggest.

However, this post is not about Europe’s immoral response to this crises so far — there are a ton of smart people working on solving this problem (you can read their nuanced views and prescriptions here), so my intentions for this post are much more personal.

That is to say, whatever your problems and troubles may be, know that at this very moment, there are literally and truly millions of people who would *die* to be in our positions — no matter if you are a resident of North America, India, or, yes of course, even Europe (that’s where most of you, my readers are).

A lot of you already may be, but this is just a polite nudge to be truly happy for your blessings and privilege.

That’s all. Try to appreciate your privilege, feel happy about life, and share the positivity and love!

And, of course, if you have time, you could also chip in solving on the migrant crises. Check these resources out.




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