Some of the values that I’m trying to build into my character. There is a long, possibly unending, road to mastering all of these. Perhaps the destination at the end of this unending road is what people speculate to be the perfection of life.

Updating this page after a year — new learnings in red

Don’t try to succeed. Try to fail. That is much more easier. That doesn’t mean one should fail by forgoing common sense. By all means attempt should be made to excel — success or failure should be immaterial. 

If you fail (after best effort), rejoice that failure because failure is a better teacher than success.

Keep trying because you love to.

If something isn’t working right, no matter how hard you’re trying, something is not right. Go ahead and ask someone who has been in your position before and mastered that situation.

Don’t be afraid to seek advice and ask questions.

Learn to love to learn.

Think big. Think you can do it. Then try to do it.

But pluck the low hanging fruits first.

Don’t worry about the things you can’t do. Keep learning, evaluating, iterating and trying harder till you hit the sweet spot.

Know you are a champion. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Not even yourself.

Don’t take advice from people too seriously – they don’t know you. Seek out and listen to people, get perspectives, but make your own decision. You know yourself best.

Run away from negative people.

Constantly take notes. Our conscious memory is very weak. Its like trying to store things on the RAM versus the Hard Disk.

Use those notes to reflect, self-evaluate and learn.

Life and work is all about managing relationships with people. Familiarize yourself with different people.

Therefore, meet people.

The best relationships are those where the growth is mutual.

Engage with people with meaningful discussions. Challenge yourself and those around intellectually — but important to do so with humility.

Throw yourself out of your comfort zone. Nothing is a better teacher.

Travel, not as a tourist but as someone who wants to learn.

Spend time with the elderly. They are wise and full of history. They will also love to personally teach.

Devour books. We can’t do everything in life. Books teach about the important things we may not be able to do in life. + Books also convey the perspective of people in situations we may not be familiar with + give new ideas about the world.

Constantly Regularly update your understanding of the world with newer learning.

 If your world-view is not changing, you are not learning. Be flexible about your world-views.


Take time out to appreciate people. If on the Metro and somebody is playing good music, pause, and tap to the beat in the mind/heart.

Write hand-written notes to people. Way more special than email.

The world will function perfectly without you. Don’t take life too seriously. That doesn’t mean we become carefree, but good to have that perspective. Its useful to be humble enough to understand our position in the world.

Dream. Limitations are inversely proportional to the size of our dreams.

However, always helpful to exercise some amount of common sense. Be optimistic. Its a better bet than day-dreaming.

Success is only the tipping point of continuous dedicated effort.

Sustained self-discipline is very important in that journey.

Help people without expectation. Nothing will make you happier.

Argue, not to win but to learn.

Appreciate. Nature, people, ideas, small little things, and your situation.


Use the brain to think.

Reflect. Incorporate what you have learnt. Redo. Reflect.

Cherish diversity. Try to meet new people from different places. They will have different learning; learn from them.

Connect with people.

“You need people to be your evangelists to get the things you may otherwise not have the (birth) right to get” – Vinod Khosla

Take something out from every situation. Never stop learning.

Speed over perfection. There is mountains of information out there. Speed makes sure the learning curve is steep.

The illusion of perfection straightens the learning curve.

At the same time, excellence is equally important. Concentrated effort crucial.

 Your situation today, as it is, is believe it or not because of many random encounters and accidents along the way — including birth. Who decides our parents?

There is infinite amount  of information to learn in this world. Each one of us can gather only infinitesimal bits.

But be prepared and hungry. Fortune favors the prepared.


Be around amazing people. We are who we associate with.

Make sure you’re not the smartest in the room.

Keep working hard and speaking sparingly and softly.

Use checklists to eliminate human error.

Don’t be afraid of feeling inferior to successful peers. In fact, reach out to them as much as possible. Again, we are who we associate with.

Come up with hypotheses of the situations around you. Make educated estimations. Prove/refute them with evidence.

Such a scientific approach will deliver.

Even though its hard, don’t regret what you have not done or chosen. We envision the ideal situations of the choices we don’t make and feel bad about not being in those ideal situations. Just enjoy what’s there.

Don’t be afraid to question. Question, reasonably, whatever you don’t understand.

Know that sustained success is a function of how you treat the people around you.

No one likes arrogance. Continuously make honest attempts to be humble.

Continuously strive to improve.


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